Tips For Choosing The Ideal Miami Office Space Location

Miami is Florida’s primary hub for finance, commerce, and international business.  It serves as gateway from the United States to Latin America, with over 1400 multinational companies using it as their headquarters for Lating America operations.

With several cruise lines headquartered in Miami, PortMiami is the world’s busiest cruise ports and points of entry to cargo from South America and the Caribbean.  Miami is also a major television production center and home to several Spanish language media companies.

Miami is also home to vibrant and dynamic small business community, providing an ideal location for them to grow and thrive. We’ll review some of the more popular choices for Miami office space locations.


Brickell is a dense, high-rise mixed residential and commercial neighborhood with popular restaurants, shops. It is South Florida’s primary financial district, home to many multinational finance companies and several foreign consulates.

Brickell Avenue (by Comayagua99 – CC BY 3.0)

Brickell is located close to I-95 and the airport, and has several public transportation options, including the Metrorail, Metromover, and Metrobus.

Most of the office space in Brickell is Class A, often boasting beautiful high-rise views and other building amenities.

Downtown Miami

The Miami central business district is home to many historic buildings serving a wide array of purposes: offices, residences, museums, schools, colleges, shops, and restaurants.  It is home to the Miami Historic District and Government Center.

It is a thriving economic community, with more than 20 million square feet of office space.

Downtown Miami at night (by Marc Averette – CC BY 3.0)

Biscayne Boulevard, Downtown Miami’s main thoroughfare, includes several entertainment options, such as American Airlines Arena and Bayrfont Park.

Downtown Miami is also located close to I-95 and the airport.  Public transportation options include Amtrak and Brightline, in addition to the Metrorail, Metromover, and Metrobus.

Coral Gables

For business owners that desire a less urban feel, Coral Gables is an excellent option.

Merrick Park in Coral Gables

It is known as the “City Beautiful” for its stunning architecture.  It includes over 140 dining establishments and gourmet shops.  Most of the office space options are low-rise, although recent development has created some high-rise options.

Coral Gables is also the home to the University of Miami.

Consider Your Commute

How are you planning to commute to your new Miami office?

If you’re planning on taking advantage of Miami’s public transportation, focus your search on office space options that are located closely to a public transportation stop.

Or if you’re planning on driving to the office, be sure to ask about parking options, fees, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Building Amenities

Another factor to consider is the amenities provided by the building.

Many Miami buildings offer fantastic amenities, including larger training & conference rooms, fitness centers, wellness centers, restaurants, and shops.

Be sure to check out the options in the building and nearby!

Looking for Services Office Space in Miami?

At Office Edge, we service the Miami business community through our Class A Brickell office and Class A Coral Gables offices.

Both locations provide an ideal solution for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses to reduce the costs of traditional office rental while also providing a full range of services.

Our wide array of services, including full service Miami executive suites and Miami virtual offices, allow the small business owner to create the ideal package to suit their needs and budget. We are a true boutique office space, with amenities, services, and highly trained multilingual professionals to provide unparalleled administrative, bookkeeping and legal support.


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