Virtual Assistants Are The Solution To Run Your Business More Efficiently From Home

Two lessons that 2020 has taught us are: anything can happen at any time, so we must be prepared. And time is one of the most valuable, yet underrated commodities that we have, so we must preserve it.

The past year has forced us to become more adaptable in all facets of our lives, including how we live, where we eat, and where we work. Masks have become part of our daily attire, and some could say a new fashion trend. Dining-in at our favorite restaurants used to be a weekly routine and is now considered a luxury that we’ve learned to appreciate. And working from home used to be something that we did when we had to bring our unfinished work home, and now it’s something that we get to do in order to keep the business growing while still finding time for hobbies and family. However, the challenge of finding a balance of all three still stands, and could breed some frustration.

A Lack of Delegation Is Preventing Your Success

Running a business from home requires taking on multiple tasks and responsibilities. In many cases, it can be overwhelming, and you may need support daily. Aside from your duties at home, you’re having to handle customer service, scheduling, shipping, and follow-ups—all on your own. You begin to notice that filling your time with trivial tasks takes away from the growth of your business—the clients and sales.

It is for these reasons that Dale Carnegie once said “Great leaders are great delegators.” Delegation allows a leader to be more successful in their business by concentrating their energy on more important and critical issues of concern, and is therefore one of the best investments they can make into themselves. However, the key is to find the right person to delegate to.

“If you have a home business, or plan to start one, hiring one or more part-time virtual assistants can give you, too, more time to focus on what you want to be doing and what you’re best at” -Forbes

It’s no wonder Virtual Assistants have become increasingly popular for successful business owners during this pandemic (particularly for attorneys), primarily because of their astounding ability to accept delegation of various sorts of tasks, support the company remotely, and create more time for the business owner to focus on their sales, revenue, and clients.

With the recent pandemic, many attorneys have been looking to transition from a physical office to a virtual office to better fit their needs, and the safety of their clients. Although it’s allowed them the flexibility to work their business from home, the downside of this new transition has been the increasing number of inconvenient tasks added onto them that a physical space would have been able to provide.

Services such as banking, filing, bookkeeping, call-screening, paralegal, witnessing and notary are now something Attorneys must go out of their way to either do on their own, outsource, or if they’re wise…delegate to a Virtual Assistant.


1) Do They Fit Your Specific Needs?

Create a list of your personal strengths and weaknesses. Then decide what is it that takes the most time out of your day that could be preserved and transferred into more income-producing activities? The best South Florida Virtual Office will include professionals with the best law office support. They can complete as many tasks for you as possible, without having to look elsewhere—your “one-stop-shop.” Legal Edge Services provides deposition and mediation support, court reporting, bookkeeping, notary, transcription, and many more.

2) Do They Have Excellent Communication Skills?

As an Attorney, it is important for you to work with someone who is professional and understands your business and verbiage. Whoever you work with must be swift, detail-oriented, and follow specific directions according to your desirable needs with work and clients. Make sure to work with someone who specializes in what it is you do, without having to waste much time on training.

3) Are They Well-Experienced?

 In order to trust someone with this area of work, they must prove themselves to be self-reliant, trust-worthy, and dependable. One way to find this is to look at their prior experience with other clients, and make sure they have a multitude of qualifications. An efficient VA will be able to solve a number of problems, and do so quickly. Legal Edge Services has been serving attorneys for the last 8 years, and provides a wide range of office services ranging from live receptionists, multilingual translations, videoconferencing, legal billing services, and more.

You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

Although life has taken a series of turns in events this past year, we have been able to learn, grow and adapt. Even amidst these challenges, we have learned to appreciate both change and time, and continue to thrive as businesses, professionals, parents, and partners….coming to the realization that we all need each other in order to be prepared and successful.


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