The Advantages Of A Virtual Office in Fort Lauderdale

Over the past decade, small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs have led the way in significant changes to the traditional model of doing business. This trend includes taking advantage of the benefits of Fort Lauderdale virtual office space instead of more costly traditional offices.

Learn more about how these virtual office solutions can help you and your business.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office solution includes a physical office location for your business. However, you are not responsible for the hassles of leasing, setting up utilities and maintaining the space yourself. Instead, you pay based on usage of the area and services. The offices often are beautifully appointed with professional furniture, cutting-edge business equipment, and amenities.

The solutions can include virtual assistants to provide the services of a traditional office administration group, including multilingual receptionists, back-office staff, and support staff. These staff members work to your specifications and protocols as if they were your team.

A Professional Office Experience for Clients and Customers

Virtual office solutions allow your customers and clients experience the same level of personalized, professional support found in the largest corporations throughout the Fort Lauderdale area. You also have access to private offices and conference rooms for meetings, training, and client consultations. Each room is equipped with Zoom and video conferencing equipment using high-speed internet connections for quality communication.

Live receptionists answer your company phone during business hours, complete warm transfers to your designated phone or device, and manage the messaging services requested. A high quality virtual office can screen for unwanted sales calls and offer prospect qualifying and onboarding services when you are ready to expand your business.

Save Time and Money

Imagine the extra hours you have to work on your business or enjoy quality time with family and friends by cutting out the daily commute to the office. Using a virtual office also reduces the costs of fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle, and the substantial cost of traditional office rental in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Services are billed on a per-use basis, with select services offered at a per-minute cost for added savings. Capture more business with the credibility that having a Class A business address and a friendly receptionist adding the phone, but at a fraction of the price. And leverage your time by having administrative staff take care of tasks for you, so you can focus the things that only you can do to grow your business.

Establish a Footprint for Your Business Anywhere

Your business has a Class A address. As a result, your customers will see a street and suite address, avoiding the challenges of trying to operate a business with a post office box or mailing center address. In addition, you have a private locked mailbox on-site, adding to security.

This customization allows you to operate the virtual office from any remote location. For our clients who travel for business or live in different cities, states, or countries, this is a solution that has obvious benefits and advantages.

Need a Fort Lauderdale Virtual Office?

If you’re looking into establish a Fort Lauderdale virtual office for your business, check out our Fort Lauderdale location.

We provides businesses of any size with a full range of virtual office benefits. We listen to your needs and craft a customized package of services to offer everything you need. Our services include everything from highly trained office staff to luxurious conference rooms for meetings, presentations, or training locations.


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