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Accounting in Sunrise

Many small and mid-size businesses do not have scale or budget for a full-time accounting management / staff, leading to two issues:

  • Owners or other executives are forced to spend time on accounting, oversight & issues, taking them away from what they do best — growing and running the business
  • Or the accounting department is led by staff with limited operations, IT, or risk management experience that can lead to financial and reporting issues and lost business opportunities

In addition, your businesses may need to deal with periodic spikes, where additional resources are needed to reliably meet critical deadlines (e.g., getting weekly invoices out) or execute urgent projects.

Why Office Edge

Our complete outsourced solution ensures that your accounting operations run smoothly and can adapt effectively to changing business requirements by tapping talented administrative staff as well as experienced & knowledge leadership as needed.

The Office Edge Difference​

A Complete Team​

Responsive, detail-oriented to record transactions and interact with you, customers and vendors.

Experienced leadership to guide activities and provide business accounting expertise.

IT resources to automate & provide tools to maximize usefulness & efficiency, while minimizing mistakes.

"Burstable" Staff​

Needs often spike-rush to prepare invoices, payroll, or compile information for an important meeting.

Our cross trained and multi-lingual team can mobilize to for time sensitive tasks to keep up with reporting and analysis needs.

Catching up with old records and posting can be accomplished to meet new requirement.

Responsive and a Collaborative​

We try to say “yes” to most requests. But our clients also appreciate the fact that we speak up when we see potential issues or believe a different approach would be more helpful.

To maintain efficiency and minimize issues, we’ve also learned that it’s important to have reasonable structure and logical procedures.

We work closely with you to understand the business needs, suggest approaches, and help you understand the pros & cons for the exceptions that inevitably come up.


Hourly Bookkeeping Staff

$ 45 per hour
  • Bookkeeping or administrative services performed by our staff
  • Focus on reliability, accuracy and responsiveness

A Complete Team

$ 95 per hour
  • Our owners have 25+ years’ experience with efficient back office automation, operating procedures, technology and financial reporting
  • This support help things run smoothly and can significantly improve efficiency

Monthly Flat Fee

  • We can also provide flat fee arrangements if you desire a fixed monthly budget
  • Rates can vary significantly based on scope and requirements, ranging from < $500 / month keeping the books up-to-date for a smaller business to $3,000+ / month for an agile team taking care of demanding daily tasks for a medium-sized business.

How it Works

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