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Remote Work Management

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Remote Work Management at Sunrise

Staff working at home have provided productive capacity and the organization can benefit from additional communication capabilities, much needed collaboration, and cost savings business support.

  • Company business calls answered, screened and transferred to the remote staff member as well as headquarters offices
  • Remote staff will operate as if they are together with the headquarters organization
  • Company cell phones can provide headquarters (or other) caller ID to direct return calls to the receptionists
  • Multilingual support staff and translation services

This new paradigm will provide cost savings in the headquarters by outsourcing clerical work and reducing office space needs

  • Zoom meetings for reporting and collaboration can be scheduled, confirmed and connected with agendas distributed
  • Video sessions can be monitored, for any clerical needs, or additional information
  • Team and individual meetings can be recorded
  • Legal sessions such as depositions, mediations, etc. can be digitally recorded and video provided

Benefits of Working with Office Edge

  • Corporate management of clerical staff is reduced and services are “always on”
  • Multilingual staff support and translation services
  • Vacations, illnesses, breaks are covered full time by staff of Virtual Assistants
  • When face-to-face meetings are necessary, beautiful conference rooms are available at five South Florida locations
  • Key clerical work can be delivered on a by-the-minute basis rather than dedicated staff – cost saving

The Office Edge Difference


  • Providing virtual Services throughout South Florida for 20 years
  • Locations have a full range of office space and office support services
  • Providing 24 hour telephone coverage
  • Currently supporting attorneys, real-estate brokers, banking loan brokers, and a range of others
  • Working with remote business including cell phone corporate caller ID and Remote extensions

Range of Services

  • Reception services to local and remote staff
  • Digital and video Court Reporting
  • Bookkeeping general and legal (including trust accounting)
  • Coordinate collaboration sessions
  • General administrative work
  • Payroll
  • Client / Customer Intakes
  • Appointments with confirmations
  • Let us review any other services that will benefit your business

Expense Leverage

  • No employee overhead
  • Some tasks on a by the minute basis
  • Backup for receptionists and clerical staff
  • Staff reduction in Headquarters
  • Office space can be reduced
  • Availability of Office Edge Facilities for overflow meeting and/or office space