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Live Virtual Receptionists

Warm Greetings Guaranteed

Live Virtual Receptionists in Boca Raton

Looking for someone you can trust to answer your calls?  Our clients will tell you that we answer calls quickly and are the most professional and reliable option they’ve ever had.

Our bilingual receptionists help you be more productive

  • Filter out calls you don’t want and assure you are connected to those critical calls
  • Handle planned responses and information when you are unavailable
  • Collect prospect information, qualify criteria, complete onboarding information

Dedicated to provide reliable, positive and helpful phone interactions to increase revenues and flexibility.

Office Edge Difference

Call Handling

  • Answered in your company name and your preferred greeting
  • Typically answered in 3 rings
  • Screened to your specifications
  • Messages taken to your requirements

Dedicated to Quality

  • Particular on who we hire
  • Emphasize details when we train
  • No more “just a sec” but one moment please
  • Clients receive compliments from their callers

Additional Services on Demand

  • Schedule appointments
  • Answer FAQs
  • Intake forms
  • Order taking
  • 24/7 coverage

Plans & Pricing – By Calls or Minutes

Plans are available for businesses that communicate with a wide variety of customers.   Call type and expected volume can provide a guide for which plan is best.  Both plans can be changed as the business need changes.

Calls – When client is tracking the number of calls for business activity (screening or qualifying needs) Plans can start as low as 10 calls per month and can be adjusted as business volume changes.

Minutes – Many clients have business calls with variable duration based on the information being provided or collected.  Minutes can provide a good tracking of the activity.  It is especially helpful for a number of services where information is collected and disseminated.  

Plans are billed as low as 20 minutes per month and can be adjusted as the need develops. 

Receptionist minutes are time actually spent on the phone and, billed by the second.  Excludes hold time, transfer time, and ends when the call is connected.

How It Works