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Inbound Answering Service

Warm Greetings Guaranteed

Ensuring No Call is Ever Lost to Voicemail

When your business relies on inbound phone calls to request your services, Office Edge can handle those calls efficiently and professionally, as your boutique customer service team.

  • We can schedule those services, and coordinate with your dispatchers.
  • Clients rely on Office Edge to support customers, from real estate brokers and property management firms to carpet cleaning companies, plumbers, electricians and others.

They’ve experienced our 
live receptionists at Office Edge deliver professional call answering and friendly, efficient customer service every single day. No opportunity is ever lost to voicemail.

Respectful, professional inbound customer service

If you’ve been on the receiving end of poor call handling, you know how it feels. And you certainly don’t want to deliver poor service to your own customers. Or worse, lose a call that could mean revenue.

Read more about The Office Edge Difference below, and let us help you start honing your competitive edge.

The Office Edge Difference

Customized Call Handling

  • Calls answered in your company name and/or any greeting you prefer
  • Each call screened to your exact specifications
  • Warm transfers to whatever number(s) you provide
  • Messages taken according to your requirements

Constant Coverage

  • Receptionists work as a team, eliminating gaps in phone coverage due to breaks, illness or vacations
  • Phones answered live every time
  • Roll-over lines ensure your callers never receive a busy signal
  • Multilingual receptionists can translate messages

Customer Service Plus

  • Dispatch service techs and repairmen
  • Complete call logs and service request forms
  • Take repair orders
  • Manage peak volumes
  • Represent your company professionally at all times

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