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Miami-Dade County Business Tax

Miami-Dade County Business Tax Promotes Prosperity

Each year more than 200,000 new businesses open their doors in South Florida.  In addition to the City of Miami business tax, a Miami-Dade County business tax is also required of most businesses. It is renewable annually and helps support a business-friendly environment that promotes prosperity.

In Miami-Dade County the local business tax (formerly known as occupational license) varies depending on the nature of your business. A business tax receipt is required for each place of business and for each separate classification at the same location.

As with the City of Miami, businesses may not operate in homes and business licenses must reflect a business address.  Many Office Edge clients who prefer to work at home use our professional business address for their tax filings and other documentation.

We take the confusion out of your county business tax

In Miami-Dade County, a business that is also located within a municipality (such as Coral Gables, or the City of Miami) is required to obtain both a City receipt and a County receipt.

  • As with the city business taxes, the County issues Local Business Tax Receipts for one year, beginning October 1 and expiring on September 30 of each year.
  • The Local Business Tax office must be notified in writing regarding any changes to business name or ownership, location, number of employees, equipment, machines or any other contingency.

Some County Business Tax Categories have specific additional requirements. Some applicants are eligible for exemptions. As with most tax code, the County requirements can be confusing and may seem contradictory to an inexperienced business owner.

Following are examples of the annual business tax levied by Miami-Dade County for several different types of businesses. These examples do not reflect any additional  city business taxes.

  • Title Insurance/Abstract Company – $150
  • Consultant – $60
  • Attorney – $70
  • Sales – $45

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