Your Administrative Specialist

Outstanding Virtual Assistants in Miami

To help run our business, our executives hire amazing full-time, bilingual administrative professionals, train and develop them, and actively support them.

We then make them available to you: effective Virtual Assistant(s) you’ll enjoy working with, and who you can rely on to get things done or help run your own business.

Your Administrative Specialist

Outstanding Virtual Assistants in Miami

To help run our business, we hire amazing full-time, bilingual administrative professionals, train and develop them, and actively support them by our managers and owners.

We then make them available to you: an effective Virtual Assistant (or even a team) you’ll enjoy working with, that you can rely on to get things done or help run your business.

What You Get With Office Edge Live Virtual Receptionists


How It Works

Your Virtual Assistant is a professional executive assistant hired, trained, and managed by us inhouse. We screen for professionals who are reliable and consistent, who are good communicators, and who pay close attention to detail. Your ad-hoc requests, day-to-day business tasks, and more complex projects can be safely entrusted to your Virtual Assistant and our support team.

We work with a wide range of businesses: startups, small businesses, large corporations, and independent consultants. Extensive experience in a variety of industries includes law office support, medical office management, financial services, and more. 

Your Virtual Assistant is also bilingual, a must if you do business in Miami.  While most of our team speaks and writes in English and Spanish, other languages are available—just ask!

Our team maintains normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Eastern Time. You can work with your assistant in person, over the phone, by email, through Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet, or any combination as the situation requires.  We are also happy to coordinate using your preferred platforms and apps for online document storage and workflow (e.g., Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.). 

With your Virtual Assistant, you’ll enjoy access to a full-time employee without the full-time cost. Their flexibility allows them to work in close alignment with you, often being able to support immediate and even last-minute needs. And if you have particular task or timing requirements, our cross-trained support team ensures that your time-sensitive operational tasks are handled. 

For ad-hoc requests or straightforward tasks, we can often start right away.

For more involved projects or ongoing support, we typically:

  • Set up an effective infrastructure, which may include logins, email addresses, software apps, online file storage, and similar resources
  • Develop or refine procedures to maintain consistency, efficiency, and allow for easy team coverage (so you never need to worry about absences or turnover)

Your Virtual Assistant Services

Imagine meetings you don’t have to schedule—or even attend. Your Virtual Assistant can accurately and graciously handle every detail on your behalf.  

  • Schedule and confirm appointments, both yours and your clients’
  • Prepare documents for signing, including scanning, printing, emailing; greet and instruct clients coming in to sign documents, or coordinate with them remotely; witness and notarize documents
  • Scan and email or digitally file collected documents, transcribe and translate during meetings; receive payments and provide receipts
  • Attend Closing Meetings on your behalf

Whether to save you time or just get you organized, your Virtual Assistant can reliably cover your communication tasks.

  • Answer incoming calls, place outgoing calls
  • Organize, send, answer, or forward emails
  • Online chat with clients, customer support, etc. 
  • Translate emails or calls

Is a receptionist closer to what you need? Read more about our live receptionist service here.

Your Virtual Assistant can ensure your data and documents are easy to find and easy to use. 

  • Clean up data for entry into CRM, vendor systems, etc.; enter data from collected business cards 
  • Prepare and edit documents, presentations, and OCR images
  • Scan and shred documents; organize your filing system
  • Create and update operational forms and manuals (such as operational policies and procedures)

A Virtual Assistant can be a valuable asset for new business development efforts. If you’re excited about the potential growth of your business, but lack the time to take care of the details, let your virtual assistant leverage your time.

  • Sales support, including sending sales material to leads and updating presentations, collateral for prospects
  • Marketing communications and research support, such as constructing and sending email campaigns, website content gathering, and social media coordination
  • Research and prepare presentations

Every business has important but time-consuming priorities such as renewing licenses, addressing customer requests, hiring new employees, and other back-office administrative tasks. Our team can be trusted to handle these reliably for you. 


  • Support your customers by answering emails and calls, processing orders, helping resolve customer issues, coordinating other services
  • Provide HR support, including recruitment, reference checks, screening, and internal interview coordination
  • Develop or refine, and document standard operating procedures; manage renewals of licenses, registrations, etc.  

Our Virtual Assistants have a mission, and that is to free you from routine or minor tasks that eat up your time and reduce your effectiveness. They can handle a wide variety of miscellaneous work, moving it from your To-Do list to theirs.

  • Type, compile, and format documents for your use, including notes and OCR 
  • Make travel arrangements by booking your flights, hotels, and rental cars; coordinate out-of-state meetings or events; make restaurant reservations or order catering
  • Create and prepare cards for holidays, birthdays, and other important dates, without your needing to remember; buy gifts for your staff, clients, or friends
  • Provide basic assistance with computers or applications

Areas of Expertise

Your Virtual Legal Assistant/Paralegal is able to support a wide range of law office needs, so that attorneys (or your office managers) can concentrate on more appropriate activities.

  • Paralegal services, including research, document prep, case organization, deposition and mediation support
  • Court reporting services, digital video transcripts, keyword indexing, exhibit and transcript linking, expedited delivery 
  • Legal bookkeeping, trust accounting, registered agent services, license renewals

Many other services are available; learn more at our law office support page.

Your skilled Virtual Medical Assistant can help physicians, solo practices, PA groups, and medical centers with a variety of support services to keep your practice running smoothly.

  • Complete 24/7 call management, appointment scheduling and confirmation, new patient intake support, and patient information management
  • Full-service billing for all popular solutions, including Athena, CareCloud, CureMD, Kareo, eClinicalWorks, and others
  • Practice management assistance and customized physician support, including schedule, inbox, license maintenance and more

Learn about our other medical office services at Medical Office Edge.

If you’re finding yourself behind on bookkeeping, bills, or bank deposits, you can delegate these projects to your Virtual Assistant. Catch up and never fall behind again. 

  • Personal finance tasks such as paying bills, setting up online logins and autopay, and making bank deposits
  • Track data such as billable hours, create expense reports, and update timesheets
  • Basic-to-complex business bookkeeping that may include categorizing transactions, account reconciliation, AR management (invoicing and tracking, collection calls, payment posting, etc.), AP management, and more

Interested in our bookkeeping or outsourced accounting services? Learn more here

Amazing turnkey solution for any professional or
business owner

Office Edge is an amazing turnkey solution for any professional or business owner that wants to keep overhead low. I’ve use their services for conference room, Court Reporting, paralegal services and reception and they do an exceptional job.

Technology Client | Client Since 2011

Customized solutions and flexible rates

Virtual Assistant Pricing

We offer three types of Virtual Assistant resources, all billed by the minute.

Virtual Assistant

$ $48 / hr
  • Billed by the minute

Virtual Assistant Lead

$ $70 / hr
  • Billed by the minute

Flexible Deadlines

$ $70
  • Have lower priority projects with flexible deadlines?

    Contact us for customized pricing

Executive 20

$ $99 / mo
  • 20 Receptionist Minutes

Executive 50

$ $149 / mo
  • 50 Receptionist Minutes

Executive 100

$ $239 / mo
  • 100 Receptionist Minutes

Executive 200

$ $409 / mo
  • 200 Receptionist Minutes

Executive 500

$ $899 / mo
  • 500 Receptionist Minutes

Executive 1000

$ $1549 / mo
  • 1000 Receptionist Minutes

If you need specific skills, we also have resources with experience and expertise in the following areas:

Everything You Wanted to Know About Office Edge

Frequently asked questions

At Office Edge, we understand that where you work and how much you spend on overhead costs are important decisions. We want you to feel confident in your decision to work with Office Edge. Here are answers to some of your most common questions.

As a valued client, virtual or otherwise, you have full access to our well-equipped conference rooms and day offices. We offer special client rates for these spaces, accommodating gatherings ranging from 1 to 50 attendees. Our dedicated client service team is always available to assist you in the reservation process.

This is one of our most popular services, and we can generally go live with your Virtual Assistant the same day.

We provide tailored call management solutions based on your unique business requirements. Our client questionnaire, which we can complete together, gives us insights into how you prefer your calls to be handled. Acting according to your instructions, we will transfer calls to your designated destination, whether a landline, cell phone, or other preferred location. Our services can include new client intake, custom greetings and message-taking, providing information about your business to prospective clients, and many other services. You decide the level of virtual assistance you desire.

Our address is fully compatible with Google My Business. It’s important to note that our facility operates as a business center and adheres to postal regulations—so that it does not function as a Mail Handling Service, Post Office Box, or similar address type. This compliance ensures the approval and effectiveness of our address for your listing.

Absolutely. Our Virtual Assistant services are all about supporting you wherever you are. We offer an extensive portfolio of virtual or remote services designed to help you conduct business more conveniently and professionally from almost anywhere.

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